Aphorisms of a Derelict Yogi
Sayings of a modern mystic who was down-on-his-luck
(more about the Yogi)

"Even an ugly girl can have a nice ass"

"Even an ugly girl can have a nice ass"


This is not some namby-pamby "everyone has good points." That would not have been the Yogi's style.

I think he was talking about transcending categories of "good " and "bad," "beautiful" and "ugly" altogether. He often talked about Yin and Yang, saying that the "real deal" was above all that.

Anyway, that's how I understand this saying.


While Ananda's take on this aphorism is interesting, it's also problematic.

If one wishes to "transcend duality," why would one speak in such dualistic terms? "Ugly girl" and "nice ass" are as bleakly dualistic as possible.

No, I'm looking for something else here. (Unless he just meant it as it stands.)

"Ugly" is in front (the face); the "ass" is behind.

Could it be that the Yogi was speaking of changing one's perspective?

Or perhaps, that what is apparent (the face of the girl walking toward you) hides something else (the ass)? Is this "The jewel in the Lotus"?

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Do you agree with Ananda (this is about transcending duality) or Ed. (there's more to it than that)? Or is there another way to see it?

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