Aphorisms of a Derelict Yogi
Sayings of a modern mystic who was down-on-his-luck
(more about the Yogi)

"Lotsa mechanics in this world, not many drivers"

"Lotsa mechanics in this world, not many drivers"


As we've seen, the Yogi didn't think much of "fixers," the people who go around telling others what to do instead of just "walking their own walk" (as he used to say).

He'd say this thing about mechanics whenever he got fed up with that kind of behavior (which was pretty often).


This reminds me of Jesus' saying in Matthew Chapter 7, about removing the log from your own eye before offering to "help" your brother with the speck in his.

There is also the familiar saying, "Too many chiefs, not enough Indians," except that in this expression the Indians are merely followers, not "fixers." The Yogi seems to suggest that "every man should be his own chief," the "driver" of his own life.

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1. Talk about the roles of "mechanics" versus "drivers" in your own life.

2. Do you feel that "every man should be his own chief"?

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